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When your service panel has begun to act up or you notice that your outlets have gone bad, it is important to quickly reach out to our dedicated technicians for immediate support. Procrastinating on scheduling emergency electrical services can result in increased repair costs in the best-case scenario, or a severe electrical fire or injury in the worst-case scenario. Our professionals at American Electrical Systems are determined to keep you and those you care about safe from these dangerous situations with our prompt and effective troubleshooting.

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Comprehensive Care for All Electrical Emergencies

Many homeowners assume that electrical emergencies are always related to a loss of power or a sudden power surge. It is certainly true that these kinds of problems occur quite often in a typical home, especially due to the fact that heavy rains, blizzards, hailstorms, and wind gales often blast through our town, wreaking havoc in their wake. However, there are many other types of emergencies that you may experience at your residence, ranging from malfunctioning service panels to faulty outlets, or even wiring that has been chewed to bits by rodents. Whatever type of problem you are struggling with, you can depend on our knowledgeable technicians to find the problem quickly and offer a superior solution.

Providing Proactive Solutions To All Of Your Problems

Signs You Need One of Our Technicians to Handle an Electrical Emergency

Being able to discern when you have an electrical problem on your hands is essential in order to get ahold of our team as soon as possible. The quicker that you are able to alert our contractors, the more likely we can resolve the issue before it turns into a full-blown catastrophe. 

Some of the most common warning signs that you have an electrical emergency on your hands include:

  • There Are Noticeable Sparks Flying Out From Your Appliances When Plugged In –
    When you plug in your appliances and notice a visible spark, most of the time you don’t need to be alarmed. But, if you notice big sparks that last longer than just a quick second, it could be an overload in your electrical system. Spark could easily turn into a fire, contact us right away if you notice these long lasting sparks.
  • You Can Smell Odors Like Burned Plastic –
    If you notice the smell of burning plastic, make sure to check your outlets for any possible electrical fires. Make sure to turn off your main power switches and call our electricians as soon as possible. Contact our expert Malden emergency electrical services for professional help.
  • The Outlets & Switches In Your House Feel Warm To The Touch –
    Warm or hot outlets and switches are never a good sign. When you touch your electrical outlet and it feels warm, contact us immediately as you may be dealing with an electrical emergency.


As skilled as you may be at performing DIY projects in your house, electrical problems should never be solved independently by watching a video online. Electrical emergencies are liable to cause such devastating cases of electrocution that the effects may be fatal or cause long-term injuries. A large percentage of electrical fires are actually caused not merely by frayed wires or faulty connections, but by homeowners who accidentally make a mistake while trying to fix a problem themselves. Protect your family and household by seeking our Malden emergency electrical services from our reliable experts. 

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